Author: Michael Payne

Director of Bands, George Rogers Clark HS

Week of 8/20 Reminders

1) Turn in Friends in music forms by Aug 29th
2) Open house Thursday August 23rd, 6pm
3) No school Friday August 24th – practice!
4) Tri-M meeting August 29th after general dismissal
5) Friends in Music parent meeting August 29 5:15pm
6) August 31st – Fiddle Club begins (permission slip required) 4-5:15pm


BSMS Orchestra to perform at KMEA!

Dear Sarah,

On behalf of KMEA President Terry Thompson and the more than two thousand
members of the Kentucky Music Educators Association, I congratulate you and
the Bryan Station Middle School Bearcat Orchestra on being selected to
perform at the KMEA Professional Development Conference in February 2019.

As has been the case in the past several years, a large number of
outstanding groups applied for conference performance consideration. You and
your ensemble can be very proud of this competitive selection. Recently, a
committee met to evaluate the submissions in accordance with Board-approved
procedures. I have attached the comments generated by the committee
regarding your recording for you to read if you wish.

I have the following information for you regarding your performance:
* Your performance will be in the afternoon on Thursday, February 7. As the
puzzle pieces fall into place I will be able to finalize the schedule and
send you exact times by September 1.
* Middle School Performing Groups should prepare no more than 17 minutes of
music, and they will have 30 minutes of total stage time.
* Your rehearsal time is 40 minutes and will also be in the morning on
Thursday, February 7.
* Your performance will be on the Kentucky International Convention Center
Ballroom C stage.
* Performance guidelines are attached to this email to give you some
guidance when planning your concert repertoire.
* A group photo for inclusion in the winter issue of the Bluegrass Music
News is due by October 1. Please email your photo to me in electronic
* In late October you will receive a survey requesting repertoire
selections and other performance information.

Again, congratulations on being selected to perform at the 2019 KMEA
Professional Development Conference. You will hear from me periodically
between now and conference time, but please let me know that you have
received this email. We look forward to hearing your ensemble in February!


Melissa Skaggs
Associate Director
Kentucky Music Educators Association
2150 Lexington Rd

Harper Square, Suite F

Richmond, KY 40475

Phone: 859-626-5635
Fax: 859-626-1115

2018-2019 Information

The tentative handbook for the 2018-2019 school year is available here:


Concert dates will be selected before the start of the school year, so please continue to check for updates.

If looking to rent an instrument from the school or a music store, please contact Mrs. Payne first.

If you’re an incoming 6th grader joining or are interested in joining the orchestra, please visit the orchestra classroom on August 8th before or after the Bearcat Camp. You may rent an instrument from the school at this time, or try the instruments if you’re unsure which you would like to play.

Week of 4/30/18

Weekly Reminders:

  1. Recruitment Orchestra rehearsal Monday 4-5pm
  2. Recruitment Field-Trip Tuesday, May 1st
    1. Report to Orchestra room 1st period
    2. Will return 4th hour
    3. Wear any BSMS attire
  3. Music Showcase Night Tuesday, May 1st 6pm in BSMS Gym
    1. Performers report 5:30pm
  4. Friends in Music Wednesday 4-5:15pm
  5. Recruitment Field-Trip Friday, May 4th
    1. Report to Orchestra room 1st period
    2. Bring lunch
    3. Wear any BSMS attire
    4. Will return 6th hour
  6. Lexington Community Orchestra Concert Sunday, 3pm @ BSHS – extra-credit opportunity
  7. CKYO Concert Sunday, 7:30pm – extra-credit opportunity
  8. Final call for Kings Island Permission Slips

Week of 4/23 Announcements

  1. Friends in Music Wednesday 4-5:15pm (Final practice before solo Recital!)
  2. Honors Orchestra Rehearsal Friday @ Douglass – Registration begins 8:30am
  3. Honors Orchestra Concert Saturday @ Norsworthy – Students arrive 8:30am; Concert Begins 11am
  4. Friends in Music Recital Sunday @ BSHS – Students arrive 2:30pm; Concert begins 3pm
  5. Recruitment Orchestra Final practice 4/30 4-5pm
  6. Music Showcase Night May 1st, 6pm
  7. Final Concert May 10th, 6pm

Don’t forget we’ll have our award ceremony at our Final Concert!

In addition to our grade level awards (Most Improved for each grade level; Most Outstanding for each grade level), accomplishments that will also be recognized include:

Solo & Ensemble Festival:

Andrew Peng, Distinguished Cello Solo
Larae Jackson, Proficient Violin Solo
Will Emmick, Distinguished Violin Solo
Larae Jackson & Alexis Lewis, Proficient Duet
Abby Henz, Distinguished Violin Solo
Alexis Lewis, Distinguished Violin Solo
Gabi Lewis, Proficient Violin Solo
Anneishka Brown, Distinguished Violin Solo
Ethan Hagan, Distinguished Violin Solo
Joey Cusic, Distinguished Viola Solo
Ada Burris, Distinguished Cello Solo
Julianne Fisher & Olivia Johnson, Distinguished Duet
Emily Sandoval, Distinguished Cello Solo
Jasmine Ngo & Genesis Pena Lozada, Distinguished Duet
Oscar Mondono, Distinguished Bass Solo
Dorothy George, Distinguished Cello Solo
Maika Milicic, Vanesa Medina & Alicia Robinson, Distinguished Trio
Debbie Ishimwe & Kyli Gentry, Distinguished Duet
Brennen Taggart, Distinguished Bass Solo
Gerardo Gonzalez, Distinguished Cello Solo
Elizabeth Mullins, Kylie Profit, Norma Euceda & Whitney Watson, Distinguished Quartet
Avery Harrison & Saudia Muhammad, Distinguished Duet
Corinne Sharrard, Distinguished Viola Solo
Abby Henz & Dorothy George, Distinguished Duet
KMEA Assessment:
6th Grade Orchestra: ALL Distinguished Ratings in Class Easy (1 perfect score and a perfect sight-reading score!)
7th Grade Orchestra: ALL Distinguished Ratings in Class Medium (2 perfect scores and a perfect sight-reading score!)
8th Grade Orchestra: ALL Distinguished Ratings in Class Difficult (Plus a perfect sight-reading score!)
KMEA District 7 MS Honors Orchestra:
19 BSMS Orchestra students made the 2018 District 7 MS Honors Orchestra! This was the most from any school in Fayette, Clark and Woodford Counties!
Symphonic Orchestra
Zoe Brewer, 1st violin
Jasmine Ngo, viola
Corinne Sharrard, viola
Elizabeth Mullins, viola
Andrew Peng, cello (2nd chair)
Brennen Taggart, bass (2nd chair)
Philharmonia Orchestra
Julianne Fisher, 1st violin
Alexis Lewis, 1st violin
Olivia Johnson, 1st violin
Larae Jackson, 1st violin
Devin Beall, 2nd violin (1st chair!)
Logan Smith, 2nd violin
Kiyah Jackson, 2nd violin
Kira DeLeon, 2nd violin
Anneishka Brown, 2nd violin
Joey Cusic, viola
Kylie Profitt, viola
Dorothy George, cello (2nd chair)
Genesis Pena-Lozada, cello
Norma Euceda, cello alternate 1
Arden Ensor, cello alternate 2
Oscar Mondono, bass alternate 3


3/21/18 Updates

KMEA Assessment:

7th grade:
Tuesday, March 27th
Students must report to the orchestra room 2nd period dressed and ready to go! Any student not dressed in the appropriate concert attire cannot attend this event.
Students will perform at Frederick Douglass at 11:20am – this performance is open to the public. We will return to BSMS at 12:30pm. Chaperones – please arrive at BSMS by 9:45am.
8th grade:
Wednesday, March 28th
Students must report to the orchestra room 1st period dressed and ready to go! Any student not dressed in the appropriate concert attire cannot attend this event. Students will perform at Frederick Douglass at 10:00am – this performance is open to the public. We will return to BSMS at 11:30am. Chaperones – please arrive at BSMS by 9:05am. We still need one more chaperone for this event!

6th grade:
Wednesday, March 28th
Students must report to the orchestra room 5th period dressed and ready to go! Any student not dressed in the appropriate concert attire cannot attend this event. Students will perform at Frederick Douglass at 3:00pm – this performance is open to the public. We will return to BSMS at 5:00pm. If you want to pick up your student from Frederick Douglass at 3:55pm, you must send me a note, e-mail or phone call by March 27th. Chaperones – please arrive
at BSMS by 12:45pm.
We still need one more chaperone for this event!

Recruitment Orchestra:
Students selected to be members of the recruitment orchestra have rehearsals on the following dates:
Thursday, March 29th
We will be adding an additional rehearsal to practice Star Wars with the band on Tuesday, April 10th. 
Performances are tentatively set for:
Thursday, April 12th, 10am @ Arlington Elementary
Friday, May 4th, 10am@ Maxwell Elementary, 1pm @ Deep Springs
Permission slips will be sent home as soon as these events are approved by the admin. We will need chaperones for these events.
BSMS Music Show Case Night:
Thursday, April 26th 6pm
Students who have volunteered for this event are to arrive at 5pm to tune/warm-up. Everyone is invited to attend the performance!

Final Concert:
Our final concert of the year is on Thursday, May 10th. Students should arrive 5:00pm for tuning; the concert begins at 6:00pm. We begin this concert early, as we do our orchestra award ceremony during this concert. For this concert, students are encouraged to wear their best 80’s throwback costume!!
Kings Island Reward Trip:
Permission slips will be sent home this week. Our reward trip will be on Saturday, May 19th. In order to be eligible for this trip, students must have:
  • Only received an A or B in orchestra for the 2017-2018 school year
  • Never have received a discipline referral from Mrs. Payne
  • Attended all orchestra concerts (unless the absence was excused due to sickness, family emergency, etc.)
The cost of the trip is $65 – this includes the park ticket and charter bus. Fee waiver does not apply to this field-trip since it is a weekend, non-academic field-trip. There are only 50 students spots on the bus – first come, first serve. This has been approved by FCPS.

Since this is considered an out-of-state trip, we must have a 5-1 student/parent ratio. This means we need 9 chaperones in addition to myself. There will be 4 chaperone spots available on the bus; parents who wish to drive themselves only need to pay for the park ticket.
If you have any questions about any of the above events, please let me know. Thank you!

Week of 11/6

1) Friends in Music Wednesday 4-5:15pm; please remember to turn in your private lesson forms.
2) Fiddle Club Friday morning 8-8:45am; please remember to turn in your Barnes & Noble and Cultural Fair forms.
3) First Practice Log of Quarter 2 due Friday! Please don’t forget to log on to EEI to complete a practice log.
The administration has cancelled our field-trip to the Lexington Philharmonic on Friday, November 10th. Our field-trip next Friday has been cancelled as I could not accommodate for all members of the orchestra to attend the field-trip. We are required by FCPS procedures to have a certified staff member on each bus; each bus only holds 50 individuals. Therefore, I could only accommodate to take 50 of the 133 students in orchestra. The band director graciously offered to take 20 additional orchestra students on her bus, as they were not using all their spots; this allowed us to take 70 orchestra students. However, because we were unable to accommodate spots for all students who wanted to go, we were told we had to cancel the trip. If you have any more questions or concerns, I’m sure the administration would be happy to clarify.
In light of the field-trip being cancelled Friday, please consider attending the Saturday night concert instead. It will be Saturday, November 11th at 7:30pm at Singletary Center for the Arts. Student discount tickets are available; please reserve your tickets in advance. We hope to see some BSMS students and families there!


Friends in Music – today 4-5:15pm. Please remember to turn in your private lesson verification forms in order to receive FIM credit for the 2nd quarter. You can download this form here: Private lesson packet

Fiddle Club – Friday 8-8:45am. Please remember to turn in your Barnes and Noble and Cultural Fair permission slips. If you weren’t in Fiddle Club last year, please bring in $10 for a t-shirt.

Extra-Credit Opportunities:

EKU Symphony and the Lexington Community Orchestra Combined Performance, free and open to the public. Thursday, November 2nd, 7:30pm at Singletary Center for the Arts.

CKYO Concert – ticketed event. Sunday, November 5th, 7:30pm at Singletary Center for the Arts.


Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

We have an exciting school year ahead of us with over 150 students in the BSMS Orchestra! It will be our first year ever having 6 orchestra classes at BSMS and 4 ensembles! We will continue to have one 8th grade and one 7th grade ensemble, but due to having over 70 sixth graders signed up for orchestra, we will have a 6th grade intermediate and 6th grade beginning ensemble that will perform as two separate groups.

Please explore our website and feel free to contact the Director at anytime with questions or concerns. We look forward to the upcoming school year!

Week of 3/27-3/31

  1. Cookie Dough Order forms must be turned in before Noon today.
  2. Recruitment orchestra will be performing at Arlington Elementary tomorrow – remember to wear your BSMS attire.
  3. Friends in Music will meet Wednesday.
  4. All Kings Island and Cincinnati Symphony permission slips and fees must be turned in by Friday!
  5. The first practice card of the 4th quarter is due Friday.

6th grade: Continue working on new eighth note/eighth rest rhythms.

7th grade: Continue work on Japanese Hoedown and 6/8 time signature.

8th grade: Continue work on Remote Control.

All violin/viola students must take their instruments home over Spring Break!