Week of 4/23 Announcements

  1. Friends in Music Wednesday 4-5:15pm (Final practice before solo Recital!)
  2. Honors Orchestra Rehearsal Friday @ Douglass – Registration begins 8:30am
  3. Honors Orchestra Concert Saturday @ Norsworthy – Students arrive 8:30am; Concert Begins 11am
  4. Friends in Music Recital Sunday @ BSHS – Students arrive 2:30pm; Concert begins 3pm
  5. Recruitment Orchestra Final practice 4/30 4-5pm
  6. Music Showcase Night May 1st, 6pm
  7. Final Concert May 10th, 6pm

Don’t forget we’ll have our award ceremony at our Final Concert!

In addition to our grade level awards (Most Improved for each grade level; Most Outstanding for each grade level), accomplishments that will also be recognized include:

Solo & Ensemble Festival:

Andrew Peng, Distinguished Cello Solo
Larae Jackson, Proficient Violin Solo
Will Emmick, Distinguished Violin Solo
Larae Jackson & Alexis Lewis, Proficient Duet
Abby Henz, Distinguished Violin Solo
Alexis Lewis, Distinguished Violin Solo
Gabi Lewis, Proficient Violin Solo
Anneishka Brown, Distinguished Violin Solo
Ethan Hagan, Distinguished Violin Solo
Joey Cusic, Distinguished Viola Solo
Ada Burris, Distinguished Cello Solo
Julianne Fisher & Olivia Johnson, Distinguished Duet
Emily Sandoval, Distinguished Cello Solo
Jasmine Ngo & Genesis Pena Lozada, Distinguished Duet
Oscar Mondono, Distinguished Bass Solo
Dorothy George, Distinguished Cello Solo
Maika Milicic, Vanesa Medina & Alicia Robinson, Distinguished Trio
Debbie Ishimwe & Kyli Gentry, Distinguished Duet
Brennen Taggart, Distinguished Bass Solo
Gerardo Gonzalez, Distinguished Cello Solo
Elizabeth Mullins, Kylie Profit, Norma Euceda & Whitney Watson, Distinguished Quartet
Avery Harrison & Saudia Muhammad, Distinguished Duet
Corinne Sharrard, Distinguished Viola Solo
Abby Henz & Dorothy George, Distinguished Duet
KMEA Assessment:
6th Grade Orchestra: ALL Distinguished Ratings in Class Easy (1 perfect score and a perfect sight-reading score!)
7th Grade Orchestra: ALL Distinguished Ratings in Class Medium (2 perfect scores and a perfect sight-reading score!)
8th Grade Orchestra: ALL Distinguished Ratings in Class Difficult (Plus a perfect sight-reading score!)
KMEA District 7 MS Honors Orchestra:
19 BSMS Orchestra students made the 2018 District 7 MS Honors Orchestra! This was the most from any school in Fayette, Clark and Woodford Counties!
Symphonic Orchestra
Zoe Brewer, 1st violin
Jasmine Ngo, viola
Corinne Sharrard, viola
Elizabeth Mullins, viola
Andrew Peng, cello (2nd chair)
Brennen Taggart, bass (2nd chair)
Philharmonia Orchestra
Julianne Fisher, 1st violin
Alexis Lewis, 1st violin
Olivia Johnson, 1st violin
Larae Jackson, 1st violin
Devin Beall, 2nd violin (1st chair!)
Logan Smith, 2nd violin
Kiyah Jackson, 2nd violin
Kira DeLeon, 2nd violin
Anneishka Brown, 2nd violin
Joey Cusic, viola
Kylie Profitt, viola
Dorothy George, cello (2nd chair)
Genesis Pena-Lozada, cello
Norma Euceda, cello alternate 1
Arden Ensor, cello alternate 2
Oscar Mondono, bass alternate 3



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