Week of 11/6

1) Friends in Music Wednesday 4-5:15pm; please remember to turn in your private lesson forms.
2) Fiddle Club Friday morning 8-8:45am; please remember to turn in your Barnes & Noble and Cultural Fair forms.
3) First Practice Log of Quarter 2 due Friday! Please don’t forget to log on to EEI to complete a practice log.
The administration has cancelled our field-trip to the Lexington Philharmonic on Friday, November 10th. Our field-trip next Friday has been cancelled as I could not accommodate for all members of the orchestra to attend the field-trip. We are required by FCPS procedures to have a certified staff member on each bus; each bus only holds 50 individuals. Therefore, I could only accommodate to take 50 of the 133 students in orchestra. The band director graciously offered to take 20 additional orchestra students on her bus, as they were not using all their spots; this allowed us to take 70 orchestra students. However, because we were unable to accommodate spots for all students who wanted to go, we were told we had to cancel the trip. If you have any more questions or concerns, I’m sure the administration would be happy to clarify.
In light of the field-trip being cancelled Friday, please consider attending the Saturday night concert instead. It will be Saturday, November 11th at 7:30pm at Singletary Center for the Arts. Student discount tickets are available; please reserve your tickets in advance. We hope to see some BSMS students and families there!

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